Friday, 3 August 2012

C.S.I Fatal Conspiracy

I've just finished CSI Fatal Conspiracy.  The game is ridiculously boring, with very easy puzzles and not a great deal of action.  It took me about 7 hours to get through it and earn the platinum trophy.  The majority of trophies are story related and so can't really be missed, with a few for how well you do when solving each case.

I am now going to try to carry on with Uncharted 3, its been about 4 weeks since I last played it so I hope I haven't forgotten the controls or how to play.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Megamind: The Ultimate Showdown

I decided to take a break from the second play-through of Uncharted 3 because Megamind come from Love Film.  This is by far the easiest platinum I have gotten.  It took me about 3 hours to finish this game and get all the trophies.  Only one play-through is required, and there are no difficulty settings.  This game is aimed at kids, making it even easier to platinum.

3 hours of playing and I have increased my trophy count by 10 Bronze, 8 Silver, 7 Gold and 1 Platinum trophy.  This also brings up my 20th platinum.

Anyway back to uncharted 3 now.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception first playthrough

Just finished my first play-through of Uncharted 3, and I must say this game is absolutely awesome.  The story line is good, the voice acting is excellent, and the graphics are brilliant.  I decided to do my first play-through on Normal difficulty, with no help from the Internet so that I could just enjoy the game.

Trophies obtained from first play-through:

  • First Treasure
  • Apprentice Fortune Hunter
  • Skilled Fortune Hunter
  • Relic Finder
  • 20 Headshots
  • 100 Headshots
  • Headshot Expert
  • Blindfire Marksman
  • Hangman
  • 30 Kills: Arm Micro
  • 30 Kills: Tau Sniper
  • 30 Kills: KAL 7
  • 30 Kills: M9
  • 30 Kills: G-MAL
  • 30 Kills: SAS-12
  • 30 Kills: T-Bolt Sniper
  • 30 Kills: Mk-NKI
  • Drop the Bomb Hotshot
  • Throwback
  • Bare-knuckle Brawler
  • Bare-knuckle Slugger
  • Brute Beater
  • Quick Study
  • Ride the Crocodile
  • He's Gonna Need a Sturgeon
  • Marco Solo
  • Charted! - Easy
  • Charted! - Normal
This game is so good that I am actually looking forward to my second play-through, this time on crushing difficulty, with a treasure guide at hand to get all the rest of the treasures.  After that its just a quick clean up to get the remaining trophies and there are 2 multi-player trophies to get as well.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wanted: Weapons of Fate Trophies

It turns out this game was very easy to get through.  With just the first playthrough on assassin difficulty I managed to add a tidy 25 bronze and 1 Silver trophy.  I got all the all the trophies for completing the acts on easy and assassin as they are stackable.  I also got a few random ones for killing people with curved bullets or blowing up a rat.  The first playthrough took about 2 hours to complete.

Trophies from first playthough:

  • I am in Control
  • I have it in my blood
  • No more anxiety attacks
  • Complete Act 1 - Easy
  • Complete Act 2 - Easy
  • Complete Act 3 - Easy
  • Complete Act 4 - Easy
  • Complete Act 5 - Easy
  • Complete Act 6 - Easy
  • Complete Act 7 - Easy
  • Complete Act 8 - Easy
  • Ready to play with the big boys
  • Complete Act 1 - Assassin
  • Complete Act 2 - Assassin
  • Complete Act 3 - Assassin
  • Complete Act 4 - Assassin
  • Complete Act 5 - Assassin
  • Complete Act 6 - Assassin
  • Complete Act 7 - Assassin
  • Complete Act 8 - Assassin
  • Fully trained assassin
  • Collector nerd
  • Bullet curving trainee
  • Shrapnel Storm Trainee
  • Two is always better than one
  • Boom!
On my second playthrough I had to do it on killer difficulty, which did prove to be tricky in some places, but overall it wasn't too bad.  The one bit i did struggle with was that it no longer highlights the bullets that you need to shoot, and they can be a bit hard to notice.  On my second playthrough I also decided to pull up a guide on youtube and get all the collectables and blow up all the rats.

Trophies from second playthrough:

  • Complete Act 1 - The Killer
  • Complete Act 2 - The Killer
  • Complete Act 3 - The Killer
  • Complete Act 4 - The Killer
  • Complete Act 5 - The Killer
  • Complete Act 6 - The Killer
  • Complete Act 7 - The Killer
  • Complete Act 8 - The Killer
  • The Killer
  • Compulsive Hoarder
  • Kill one, save a thousand donuts
  • Half the man Barry is
  • Pest Exterminator
  • Bullet curving expert
  • Shrapnel Storm Expert
  • Glad I wasn't there
  • All in the reflexes
  • Up close and personal

The last thin left to do was to get all the hidden trophies.  This involved typing in cheats to unlock different characters, and different game modes. It also involves repeating the last act a few times.

Trophies from clean up:

  • Heart Breaker
  • Between Old Friends
  • Punishing Subordinates
  • Butcher would be proud
  • Dr. Lobotomy
  • Catch me if you can

So overall this game is easy to get the platinum with just a bit of repetion near the end to finish of some of the trophies.

Anyway Uncharted 3 has just arrived from Love Film so I am going to get into that.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wanted: Weapons of Fate Trophies

Wanted: Weapons of Fate has just arrived from Love Film.  It is supposed to be a follow on from the Wanted movie, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Just by looking over the trophies I can tell that I am going to need two playthroughs at least to get all the difficulty related trophies.  There is a total of 51 trophies to be earned, 39 Bronze, 9 Silver, 2 Gold, and the Platinum.  There seems to be a few hidden trophies, if they don't pop during my two playthroughs, I'm sure it wouldn't be to hard to try to find out what their requirements are on the internet.

So here we go, starting playthrough number 1 on Assassin difficulty.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Prison Break Invisible and Platinum Trophy

I have finally managed to get the Platinum trophy for prison break.  I think the most annoying bit of the whole game was trying to get through chapter 7 without being spotted.  The checkpoints are rather far apart, meaning that you have to redo large sections every time you get caught.

If any one is still confused about the best way to get the invisible trophy for this game, I can confirm that if you do get caught and the press X to continue appears on the screen, you should press start instead and quit to the main menu and then click continue. If you do accidently press X, all is not lost just press start and quit really quickly and the game will not save it.  You can push X if you fail any of the little button presses scenes. This will not affect you getting the invisible trophy.  You do not need to quit the game using the XMB.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Shrek Forever After

Finally got exams out the way and am back into hunting for platinums.  I got Shrek Forever after from Love Film.  The game itself turned out to be more fun than I was expecting, considering it is a kids game.  It is easy to get the platinum for this game, and took me about 8 hours to do.  I had to go through two playthroughs to get all the trophies, and only really struggled with one area of the game that required me to get 100% completion on all the levels.  The docks level in particular proved tricky as it can be a bit hard trying to find all the islands on which the treasures are hidden.

I now need to get back into Prison Break and try to finish it off.  Just one trophy left on it and it will be another platinum added.